Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the Garden & In the Kitchen...

I harvested some of the collard greens, cayenne chillies, raspberries and strawberries, which are all going crazy at the moment. The tomatoes are winding down, but still getting quite few of them. Purple beans are doing well too, and some dwarf beans manage to not get eaten by ants/ earwigs, only to get eaten by us!

I am busy (when am I not?) planning a special event for Playdates for the Planet for Earth Day, April 22nd, which is fun, but am just trying to squeeze it in amongst everything else I am trying to do at the moment. So, quick post, with some photos of our garden and the cooking that the kids and I did today. Hope you are having a good weekend, and are sliding smoothly into Autumn (or got a Spring in your step, if you reside in the Northern Hemisphere!)

The yellow button squash are finally on their last legs, after giving us a massive amount of lovely squash over Spring and Summer. Will pull them up tomorrow.

We've got 4 lovely butternut pumpkins still on the vine, and hopefully I will be able enter one of them in the Harvest Festival Vegetable Competition at our local Environment Centre's upcoming event in late March. Or perhaps I can enter a curcubit basket, with a pumpkin, squash delicata, moon and stars watermelon and spaghetti vegetable!

I think I planted a seed I'd kept from an organic zuchini we had eaten, and look, a little zuchini and another female flower too. Maybe they can go in the competition too!

Hmmm, maybe I'll have to make some salsa! San Marzano tomatoes, cayenne peppers and a long yellow chilli too. I will dry the chillies, I think.

Look at our lovely harvest of raspberries and strawberries today. Little Miss M was keen to make a berry cake! Homegrown ripe raspberries are so wonderful, they usually go straight in my mouth (hey, I'm the one out there growing them!)

And I thought I'd have a go at Gluten Free Soda Bread too, after reading Crunchy Chicken's post on St Patricks day, and seeing this yummy looking bread here. But I based on this recipe at epicurious, which seemed more like ingredients I would have... or not! Instead of walnuts, I used some linseeds, I didn't have buttermilk, so used plain milk, and also used honey instead of molasses. I also used brown rice flour & psyllium husks, for extra fibre. I put cheese on top of these, to entice Cheeky A to eat them.

What a busy day! I also did 3 or 4 loads of washing (I forget now, I have a headache!), made the beds, made Roast Sweet Potato and Pumpkin soup for the kids for dinner (maybe they'll eat it!), Vege Soup for me (had to use the collards and beans up!), made paddlepop stick puppets with Little Miss M, looked after poor Cheeky A, who is still not so well, plus will clean the bathrooms later, and vacuum the floor now (actually my husband is home from his weekend course, for an hour, so HE can do it!), started designing a poster for the Earth Day Event, and now I am going to read Julie's post on (Not so) Idle Hands, and get crocheted dishcloth envy!

Then later, after the kids are in bed, I will gladly crash on the lounge and chill out, watching Survivor!! Phew! Tomorrow I will attempt to do nothing but play with the kids... and maybe some sewing!!